I am what dreams and nightmares are made of.   I am sure you are tired of always being in control and seek some reprieve from your everyday mundane life.  I am here to add some meaning to your existence. I have been a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix for 18+ years. I am a mature cougar now and have life experience and wisdom that goes into every session.  You can't cheat that.  Men are simple creatures, your visual and your little head rules your world.   Graced with good looks, charm and intuitiveness, I will blindside you.


There are many clones of Mistresses but few are really Alpha and are only in it for the $$$.  Rest assured I am truly Alpha and you will know it immediately as you step into My domain and feel My presence.  I am classically trained by one of best Mistresses to ever enrich this planet, Mistress Simone Justice located in Los Angeles, California. I could go on and on about Myself and the skills that I have obtained over the years.  But actions speak louder than words.   I have posted some examples of my video work on the more information page for your wanking pleasure.  Your welcome.

Mistress Gemini at the OWK


Below are some examples of My video work.  Please note that these are external links to sites like PornHub.   I have never had a problem.